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If you have found yourself here you might be wondering how therapy can help you.


My way of working is informal and relaxed. I don’t make any judgements or tell you what I think you should do. I begin by helping you to tell me what is troubling you. I listen carefully and support you to make sense of your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. I help you to find meanings, identify patterns, and explore your choices. I support you, to think about

yourself with more compassion and clarity; strengthen your sense of who you are; and, understand your relationships.


If you haven’t experienced therapy before it may be hard for you to believe it can help. Research provides us with evidence that it does. Giving yourself a safe space and some time to be heard by someone who really listens can support you to feel whole, valued, coherent and connected.


I am a qualified integrative psychotherapist offering therapy for individuals either,

for a short time which may be for several weeks, or, for longer, dependng on your choice and needs.


Being an Integrative Psychotherapist means I work in a way which draws on different theories and models of psychotherapy, along with evidence from research. This means my way of working rests on a philosophy and understanding that how we get into difficulties is dependent on our unique experiences so how I work fits your individual needs.


I am located on the border between East Lancashire and North

Yorkshire where I have a welcoming and comfortable office which is convenient for Pendle, Skipton and surrounding areas.

In addition to individual therapy I also provide:


Understanding Anxiety

These workshops are suitable for young people and adults. They are delivered in high schools, colleges or the workplace.

Attendees learn about the neuroscience of anxiety, how anxiety is experienced and helpful ways to cope with these feelings.

Therapy and Personal Development

This is for trainee counsellors, trainee psychotherapists and others in a helping profession.

This is offered to individuals at a special rate for students.



Helen Maggie Watson BA (Hons), PGDip, MBACP

Psychotherapy and Counselling

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