Helen Maggie Watson


How I help people

If you have found yourself here you might be wondering how therapy can help you and specifically, will I be able to help you? So here is a list to help you decide if you would like to contact me.


If you are feeling anxious, I help people find peace of mind and manage their anxiety.


If you are feeling low, I help people to find their way out of the darkness.


If you are finding your relationships difficult, I help people identify and overcome the hurdles which are holding them back.


If you have feelings of worthlessness, I help people build their self-esteem and feel more positive about themselves.

Trauma and abuse

If you think your past is getting in the way and preventing you enjoying your life and finding contentment, I help people who have experienced trauma and survived abusive relationships to discover what it’s like to feel better about themselves and to transform surviving into thriving.


If you find your feelings overwhelming, I help people understand why they might be sensitive to what life throws at them and I help them learn to manage their emotional world.

Drinking too much

If you think your drinking is out of control, I help people to change their relationship with alcohol.

Can't stop overeating

If you think your eating is out of control, I help people to develop a healthier relationship with food.


If you are feeling stressed and are struggling to cope, I help people regain a sense of balance and recover a feeling of control.


If your need to be perfect is getting your way, I help people to address their perfectionism and quieten their judgemental inner voice and find how to live with self-acceptance and feel calmer.

If you are asking yourself what's wrong with me?

If you can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong but you just know you don’t feel okay, I help people to understand themselves and work out how they tick, gain insight and find their way when they feel lost.

Personal development

If you are a trainee counsellor or psychotherapist and want to work on your personal development or explore specific issues within the boundaries of a therapeutic relationship, I offer a supportive while suitably challenging approach to enable you to undertake this work safely and successfully.

I know the above looks like quite a long list but there are other issues I work with so please do get in touch with me even if you don't see anything above which resonates with you. However, I am sorry but I don't work with children or young people under 18 and I don't currently work with couples.

If you haven’t experienced counselling or psychotherapy before it may be hard for you to believe it can help. Research provides us with evidence that it does. Giving yourself a safe space and some time to be heard by someone who really listens can support you to feel whole, valued, coherent and connected.