Helen Maggie Watson

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Understanding Anxiety

The Understanding Anxiety Workshop provides psychoeducation about the neuroscience of anxiety, that is, what is going on in our brain and body when we experience anxiety.

Enhancing our understanding about the neurobiology of anxiety helps us to feel less fearful about our experiences of anxiety, helping us to normalise rather than pathologize our feelings and sensations, or it can highlight for us when we do need to seek professional help and support.

The workshop also provides some helpful techniques to enable us to improve how we cope with those moments when we feel overwhelmed by the rush of anxious feelings; and other tips to help us to change those behaviours which keep us stuck in the trap of worrying.

The workshop is flexible to fit around diaries and timetables and is delivered at a level appropriate for the attendees. It is designed to help attendees feel comfortable and reduce any anxiety which may be evoked by taking part.

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